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Communication Consent Text

Communication Consent Text


For the purpose of conducting marketing and sales activities such as training, advertising, promotion, and organization by Advancity (Caz Informatics Services Joint Stock Company), it is necessary for our company to obtain your consent to send commercial electronic messages to you.


By granting permission, you accept that commercial electronic messages will be sent to you, your personal data shared with us will be processed, and you may be contacted by phone, SMS, and email. You also agree that the content of electronic messages and other records will be registered, stored, and, if necessary, submitted to the relevant Ministry.


These details will be shared only to the extent necessary with third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship to ensure the healthy delivery of your messages and the timely delivery of notifications via phone, SMS, and/or email.


You can opt out of receiving electronic messages within the scope of these terms of use at any time, without providing any reasons. You can communicate this request using the contact information provided in the message or by sending it to the contact addresses in the company information free of charge.

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